How My Child Distracts Me… life with kids

When Mommy tries to work at home, Princess D gets bored and this is what happens…


It’s hard to write with a 4-year old on your lap (she’s persistent when she wants to get up there.) The wooden glass, which she painted herself, don’t make it any easier to see.

So what’s a Momma to do?

Stop work and play!


They are only 4 once. Better enjoy it while you can.

Best. Gift. Ever.


Life With Kids: Things My 4-Year Old Says

DSC_0028Life with kids bring lots of joy, frustration and funny stories.

From the mouth of Princess D…

Leaving pre-school, we see a car at the intersection start to pull in:
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This Is What Happens… when your 16-year old nephew babysits

a much younger nephew teaching a much younger davis about looney tunes babies

a much younger nephew teaching a much younger davis about looney tunes babies

My sister was amazed I was letting my 16-year old nephew babysit my 3-year old daughter. Perhaps even a little dumbfounded with shock. But I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Continue reading

A Time to Give Thanks… a letter to baby daddy

Dear Baby Daddy,

baby in belly – first halloween

Yes, I realize it’s been two-years since we’ve heard anything from you. Not even an email to inquire how your supremely beautiful, smart, talented and sweet little girl is doing. Which is fine. You’ve never made an effort to know her and she really doesn’t know what she might be missing, which at this point I doubt is anything more than heartbreak since you’re track record is one of not caring, or at least not showing you care. But, I digress. This letter is not one to complain of what you have or haven’t done. Rather, it’s a letter to thank-you. Continue reading