New Year’s Resolutions – pt 1: how did 2012 fare?

hmmm... what will my resolutions be this year???

hmmm… what will my resolutions be this year???

Everyone seems to diss New Year’s Resolutions saying, “You make them to break them.”  Perhaps not everyone but there’s a hell of a lot of jokes by January 3rd asking folks if you’ve broken your resolutions yet.

Instead of following the path of naysayers, I’m a yeah-sayer, believing resolutions are a time to see what worked from the year before and what didn’t. It’s a time to set goals and a time to decide to change things that aren’t working for you. Continue reading


New Year, New Body… the detox that must come

Photo 39I Am A Sugar Addict.

There. I said it. I yelled it from the mountainous peak of self-awareness in my brain. It’s not news to me, but it’s not something I willingly say out loud. However, I’m all about being honest and open on this blog and with my daughter it’s time I shouted this statement as well. Continue reading