Never-Fail Tomato Pasta Sauce – nikki’s version

davis grace sophia.. age 1

davis grace sophia.. age 1

When it comes to Italian pasta sauces, this easy to make tomato sauce is a winner every time when it comes to battle of getting kids to eat.

It’s not something I got from a book, but something I was taught. I love it because you don’t have to let the sauce sit all day to get the flavour. By slowly cooking the herbs and spices with the oil first before adding the tomatoes, you infuse the sauce with flavour, making it a quick and easy meal. Continue reading


Lemon Fig Muffins – of the date variety – 2yums

lemon date muffins: 2yums

These are some really yummy muffins I found the recipe for in The Yoga Body Diet by Kristen Schultz Sollard and John Douillard. This book is pretty cool because it talks about eating foods based on what’s good for your dosha (which is kind of like an energy field around you, according to Ayurvede.) Continue reading