Homemade Fly & Mosquito Repellent – will it work?


don’t let the bugs keep you from enjoying the great outdoors

The critters are bad in Cape Breton this year. Partly because we’ve had a very, very wet spring – which means the black flies are hatching in small batches, prolonging their human biting season. And this, according to the expert on CBC radio, means we will also have a lot more mosquitos as well. And thanks to a drastic decrease in the bat population for the area these blood suckers have more chances to survive┬álonger. Which means more bites and bother for us humans who like to enjoy the outdoors. Continue reading


How My Child Distracts Me… life with kids

When Mommy tries to work at home, Princess D gets bored and this is what happens…


It’s hard to write with a 4-year old on your lap (she’s persistent when she wants to get up there.) The wooden glass, which she painted herself, don’t make it any easier to see.

So what’s a Momma to do?

Stop work and play!


They are only 4 once. Better enjoy it while you can.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Crafts with Kids for Cheap… quality time doesn’t have to break the bank

Who says having a craft night with your kids has to be expensive? Not me. A big fan of the crafts in the Dollar Store and other cheapie retailers like them

whoo hooo… fun in a box

, I go in once a month to stock up on cheap crafts I can do with Princess D and without her (a total godsend in the middle of toddler “I want” tantrums… pull one out and away she goes. Continue reading