Crafts with Kids for Cheap… quality time doesn’t have to break the bank

Who says having a craft night with your kids has to be expensive? Not me. A big fan of the crafts in the Dollar Store and other cheapie retailers like them

whoo hooo… fun in a box

, I go in once a month to stock up on cheap crafts I can do with Princess D and without her (a total godsend in the middle of toddler “I want” tantrums… pull one out and away she goes. Continue reading


Christmas Craft – Making Snowmen

Davis seems a little mad Mommy is taking pictures... again.

Christmas is coming and because I want Davis to know from a young age the season is about giving and not just about getting, I’ve decided that every year we would make things to give to our family and friends as gifts from her. I’ve been collecting drawings and paintings for a couple of months now but for our main gift this year is snowmen decorations. Continue reading