Getting Back to Healthy… a vow to beat depression

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In December of 2013 I gave up.

I gave up on anything that I had been dreaming of. Things important to me and my personal development. I did not in any way give up on my Mom Duties. No, I gave up on me and put all the effort into my Mom Duties as a way of coping with the fact that daily life was nothing like I had anticipated it would be. Continue reading


When Mommy Is Sick… and the stomach flu hits

don't look at me... i'm sick

don’t look at me… i’m sick

When Mommy is sick…

1) She now leaves work halfway through the day knowing she can’t push herself because no one else will take care of precious toddler.

2) When home, instead of going to bed she lies on the floor for 3 hours, in different yoga poses Continue reading