A Question About Love… from one who’s jilted

thinking... always thinking

thinking… always thinking…

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about love. Feeling as if there is a chance I might be able to find it again with a partner as opposed to just having the unconditional love for Princess D and my Inherited Teen. Continue reading


So… This is the End?

is this it then?
the end to something…
something thought to be beautiful
something thought to be pure
something hoped to be real.

the end to this
tryst with love’s laughter
left with lingering traces
of lust’s longing.
scars telling the end to… this.

what is this?
words led down one path
while actions showed another
clarity dimmed as dusk approached
and this became

so it seems this is the end
to this.
and this is better left
hidden under the garbage
of yesterday’s regrets.

Should Being Stood Up Be The End… the return of blah blah

DSC01517It was the thing romance novels are made off of.

Driving mid-afternoon on a Saturday in November the phone rings. It’s Blah Blah and he’s not in his home city but 15 minutes away from mine. *wtf?* Did I want him to bring over a coffee he asks. A funny question because the town he was in has probably the worst coffee in the world. I suspected what he really wanted was to come for a visit (this was his pattern) so I said sure and I have beer in the fridge so forget the coffee. Continue reading

Looking for Words

i would like to write
but can’t find the words.
heart is hopelessly
taking over the mind

too late?
or too little?
what made it come to this?


endless abyss
of nothing spoken
nothing said
nothing solved
a relationship of

stuck in not knowing
what it is
or what it will be.

words of definition escape me.

so i continue to sit,
for the words to come…
and make it right again.




To Date Or Not To Date … that is the question of this moment

dating… do i really have the time???

Do I really want to continue down this path of dating?

I mean, it takes up so much time. So much time getting to know someone, a new friend who could be a potential suitor, and trying to find the hours to do this is near impossible. For the first time since becoming a mom I’m having a bit of a social life, thanks to this dating thing. A real social life where I make plans to do things not work or domestic duties related and quite frankly it’s exhausting. Continue reading

You Need To Have A Boyfriend… why dating scares me, again.

the love of my life

Lights were out. The room was falling into that calm, quiet space where toddlers go to sleep while mamas cuddle them, taking those last few minutes to cherish their growing babies who they spent only a few hours with that day because of work.

That’s when it happened… the conversation that made me scared to date again. Continue reading

muse makes a plea

I could be your Muse…

Drifting through your mind
at inappropriate times
bringing a soft, shy smile
to your soft, smooth lips.

Dancing with visions,
waltzing with thoughts
innovation’s partner
bringing life to dreams
that until now
have been lost in deep slumber
cuddled down in feathers of subconsciousness.

As your Muse…

I will bring
new motivation to mundane endeavours
light pathways to success
while strengthening your shield
protecting you with love and lust
giving you inspiration to find more
uncovering treasures locked in the depths
of your mind…
tarnished locks,
that have been yearning
for your Muse to find the key.

I’ve found it… now let me do my job.