The Imagination of Toddlers… santa davis comes to visit

princess d, xmas 2010

princess d, xmas 2010

New Year’s Day – 2013.

My brother and his girlfriend came over for supper, a rosemary butter chicken and spinach ricotta manicotti. A very chill, beautiful family night. Princess D was stoked. Excited as she always is to see her Uncle (whom she now calls her hero) and her “Aunt” (who is family even though no blood is shared.)  She was so excited that of course she couldn’t sit still to eat more than her pre-dinner snack of veggies and cheese so off to the bedroom she went. Continue reading


What Toddlers Dream Of…

tell me all your secrets while you sleep... little one....

Being as I have no adult regularly sharing my bed, often my little angel sleeps with me. Thanks to this I am privy to some precious moments of her in never-never-land and some moments of sadness and terror as her subconscious leads her into lands of bad dreams.

Last night she had a few. And since she’s started talking in her sleep this is what I got:

dream 1…

D: “NO. No no no no.” *sobs*
ME: (because a mother can’t help it) “Shhhhhh. It’s OK baby. Mama’s here.”
D: “No. That is myyyyyy toy. I want it.”
ME: *rubs child’s back* “Shhhh. Baby it’s a dream. Go back to sleep.”
D: “I want the toy” *pause* “And I want the book.”

side note: apparently she is greedy in her dreams and doesn’t want to share.

dream 2….

D: *sob* “I want the swing…. ” insert mumbling gibberish
ME: “Go on the other swing.” *no back rubbing*
D: “Ok.” *sobbing stops*

side note: apparently mommy is learning how to manipulate the dream as it’s happening.