i am strong. 

but sometimes… 

i need you to be stronger…

so i can cry

the tears

i usually cry alone. 





art work credit: Angel Cry by Digitalsoldier

Same same? or Different.

Will you be the same as the rest? 

Use me to get over your past

Then bail when mine threatens to bring tears. 

Leave me alone when times get tough. 

Or turn a blind eye when the help you’ve received

Is the help I need. 

Will you be the same as the rest? 

Or will you be the one that rises above? 

That breaks down the walls

So two broken hearts become healed.


So… This is the End?

is this it then?
the end to something…
something thought to be beautiful
something thought to be pure
something hoped to be real.

the end to this
tryst with love’s laughter
left with lingering traces
of lust’s longing.
scars telling the end to… this.

what is this?
words led down one path
while actions showed another
clarity dimmed as dusk approached
and this became

so it seems this is the end
to this.
and this is better left
hidden under the garbage
of yesterday’s regrets.

Fishing in Safe Waters… will she find her match?

DSC01715She barely made it back in the boat.

Left arm throbbing, left side of her chest stinging with a pain she’d never felt before, she lay on the bottom of the boat as it floated on the calm blue waters. Trying to regain her breath she stared at the sky and felt the warmth of the sun heating the chill from her wet skin.

What just happened?  Continue reading

Looking for Words

i would like to write
but can’t find the words.
heart is hopelessly
taking over the mind

too late?
or too little?
what made it come to this?


endless abyss
of nothing spoken
nothing said
nothing solved
a relationship of

stuck in not knowing
what it is
or what it will be.

words of definition escape me.

so i continue to sit,
for the words to come…
and make it right again.




Hills On The Path Aren’t As Steep As They Look… dealing with tragedy, chin up baby

me & my dad, summer 1974

Sometimes, out of the blue, it hits me again. My mind wanders back to those bitter days in May, when around me life was starting to bloom, but my soul was warning me of an impending death. Continue reading

The Return of the Madam… madness subdued, reality resurfaces

my parents, 1995, when both were alive and well.

Out of the murky depths of anxiety and depression, the Madam raised her weary head. First one finger poked through the pools of worry, rippling through sadness as she finally touched bottom with the slightest of tippy toes. Continue reading