Money Matters Need Open Eyes… resurfacing from tragedy pt 2


ok… i guess it’s time…

When one goes through a dramatic event(s) and needs to check out of the world to heal so they can once again function fully in society, then one really does shut out all parts of reality. Anything that causes any stress or even the slightest of anxiety tremors in their body becomes too much to deal with. At least that is how it was with me. Continue reading


30 Day Money Challenge… tracking cash, day 3

money, oh money… why do you evade me so?

Day 3 is almost done in my tracking of cash challenge and so far so good… but I’ve had a few realizations.

This Saturday is an awesome live show I would LOVE to go to but realistically I can’t. If I do I will have no money for groceries and I need to buy groceries. My fridge is a that uncomfortably empty state. Back in my 20’s I might have opted for the night out and eating bread and peanut butter for a week but back then I didn’t have my most precious gift ever to feed. Continue reading