A depressing realization of why I am going deeper in debt


wish i had one of these… *sigh*

So thanks to my 5-year old reminding me I have let myself go by telling a close family friend, “My Mama’s belly looks like there is a baby growing in it but there isn’t” (more on that funny and embarrassing moment to come) I have decided I need to get out of the house to work out. Continue reading


Loosing My Purse Was The Best. Thing. Ever…. a lesson in finances

my purse is GONE?!?!?!

my purse is GONE?!?!?!

It was a beautiful Saturday, the first day of my week long vacation. Ten days of no working bliss that was kicking off with a casual cowboy style wedding that evening. Excited to be off, getting work done around the house, it was noon when I discovered the terrible truth. My purse was gone. Continue reading

30 Day Money Challenge… tracking cash, day 3

money, oh money… why do you evade me so?

Day 3 is almost done in my tracking of cash challenge and so far so good… but I’ve had a few realizations.

This Saturday is an awesome live show I would LOVE to go to but realistically I can’t. If I do I will have no money for groceries and I need to buy groceries. My fridge is a that uncomfortably empty state. Back in my 20’s I might have opted for the night out and eating bread and peanut butter for a week but back then I didn’t have my most precious gift ever to feed. Continue reading