Never-Fail Tomato Pasta Sauce – nikki’s version

davis grace sophia.. age 1

davis grace sophia.. age 1

When it comes to Italian pasta sauces, this easy to make tomato sauce is a winner every time when it comes to battle of getting kids to eat.

It’s not something I got from a book, but something I was taught. I love it because you don’t have to let the sauce sit all day to get the flavour. By slowly cooking the herbs and spices with the oil first before adding the tomatoes, you infuse the sauce with flavour, making it a quick and easy meal. Continue reading


New Year, New Body… the detox that must come

Photo 39I Am A Sugar Addict.

There. I said it. I yelled it from the mountainous peak of self-awareness in my brain. It’s not news to me, but it’s not something I willingly say out loud. However, I’m all about being honest and open on this blog and with my daughter it’s time I shouted this statement as well. Continue reading

My New BFF – Juicer

it's like love at first try

I’ve been wanting a juicer for quiet a while now but always listened to the voice in the back of my head saying, “You can’t afford it.” Truth be told I can’t really afford anything and my desire to be more healthy lead to my decision to fork out $60 + tax for my new juicer. (For the record it’s a General Electric brand, warranty for 2years. I feel good about it because their brand is fairly decent and they’ve got a policy in place for sustainable practices.)

I has been one of the best purchases of my life. I LOVE IT. Continue reading