A Question About Love… from one who’s jilted

thinking... always thinking

thinking… always thinking…

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about love. Feeling as if there is a chance I might be able to find it again with a partner as opposed to just having the unconditional love for Princess D and my Inherited Teen. Continue reading


The Men I Attract… could be the reason why I am single

will i ever find the one???

will i ever find the one???

I have had a dating epiphany. A realization that is equally depressing and frightening. And perhaps one that could be a testament to my dating maturity.

I have come to the realization that all of my life I have attracted men that fall into one of two sub-categories of not right for me.  The first are those that say they want girlfriends but really need counselors to take care of them. Continue reading

Can Men and Women Simply Be Friends? … questions sparred from online dating

davis and i think... we think really hard....

davis and i think… we think really hard….

With my last profile on Plenty of Fish, I made it very clear I was interested in making friends and only friends. While I did realize for some this is code for “let’s get down and dirty when I’m in town” I politely declined these offers and for those who persisted I not so politely told those mofos they were barking up the wrong tree. Continue reading

To The Bitter Man Who Can’t Take Rejection

to all the biter men out there...

to all the biter men out there…

This is the story
of the Wee Bitter Man.
Not wee-like in stature,
Just wee-like in substance.
The story of the Wee Bitter Man
Who couldn’t take rejection.
Who pretty much lost his shit
When his month long quest
To bed the lovely lady with red lips
Fell short of his much desired goal. Continue reading

To Date Or Not To Date … that is the question of this moment

dating… do i really have the time???

Do I really want to continue down this path of dating?

I mean, it takes up so much time. So much time getting to know someone, a new friend who could be a potential suitor, and trying to find the hours to do this is near impossible. For the first time since becoming a mom I’m having a bit of a social life, thanks to this dating thing. A real social life where I make plans to do things not work or domestic duties related and quite frankly it’s exhausting. Continue reading

21 Rules If You Want To Date Me… a continuous journey in the land of online dating

maybe this should be my profile pic…. or my next haircut!

Back again to the world of online dating, fishing in that whirlpool of eligible bachelors for the one that might be compatible for me while meeting dozens of those who really aren’t… as well as those who can’t handle me. Yes, I am a handful but in a very good way.

I’m on my fourth time around, I thought it only fair to level the playing field and point out there are rules to dating a woman like me.  And these are rules that need to be followed if you’re getting that score you’re dreaming of… because why else would be be messaging me? Continue reading

Beware of Predators in the Waters… the fishing continues

Dawn was pulling itself out of the slumber of night as she stared from the patio to the water she’d been surveying for a few days now. Only a few days, such a short time to realize fishing in those murky depths proved more dangerous than originally anticipated. Continue reading