The Power of Love Notes

love note far shotMonday was perfectly living up to it’s reputation.

Princess D missed her bus, so I lost 45 minutes of my morning driving her there. Inherited Teen wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t find a way to get her home, and spending time trying to figure that out made me late for work. And then there were a fair number of small, Monday style annoyances that happened making me wish I had never gotten out of bed. Continue reading


Thought of the Day … words to live by

It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

~Paulo Coehlo



These things hang at my desk. Continue reading

Father’s Day 2014 – realizing how mature my 5-year old is


Last year, I made a big deal out of making my baby girl say “Happy Father’s Day” to me. Actually, each year I have done it since I am single mom with no contact or support from baby daddy and no consistent male figures in Princess D’s life, and I work hard to try to take care of the “Dad” chores and activities. If that even makes sense. Continue reading

The Imagination of Toddlers… santa davis comes to visit

princess d, xmas 2010

princess d, xmas 2010

New Year’s Day – 2013.

My brother and his girlfriend came over for supper, a rosemary butter chicken and spinach ricotta manicotti. A very chill, beautiful family night. Princess D was stoked. Excited as she always is to see her Uncle (whom she now calls her hero) and her “Aunt” (who is family even though no blood is shared.)  She was so excited that of course she couldn’t sit still to eat more than her pre-dinner snack of veggies and cheese so off to the bedroom she went. Continue reading

A Time to Give Thanks… a letter to baby daddy

Dear Baby Daddy,

baby in belly – first halloween

Yes, I realize it’s been two-years since we’ve heard anything from you. Not even an email to inquire how your supremely beautiful, smart, talented and sweet little girl is doing. Which is fine. You’ve never made an effort to know her and she really doesn’t know what she might be missing, which at this point I doubt is anything more than heartbreak since you’re track record is one of not caring, or at least not showing you care. But, I digress. This letter is not one to complain of what you have or haven’t done. Rather, it’s a letter to thank-you. Continue reading

This… makes me happy.

"i wanna take a picture of yoooooouuuu," princess d: age 2.5

There are some things that make me happy no matter what has happened that day. I could be feeling scrampier than scrampy, totally pushed over the edge from life, work or child rearing yet these things can bring a smile to my face no matter what. Mostly all of these things are instigated and inspired by Davis Grace Sophia Sullivan …

… simply, my best gift ever.