When Daughter Takes Care of Mommy… a proud momma moment

a kiss will make you all better.

a kiss will make you all better.

My body hates me right now. Partly from not taking as good care of it as I should. Partly from this IUD I got in, which the doctor says should help with my migraines and heavy periods. Anyway, the hormones are messing with me and my body hates me. Continue reading


A depressing realization of why I am going deeper in debt


wish i had one of these… *sigh*

So thanks to my 5-year old reminding me I have let myself go by telling a close family friend, “My Mama’s belly looks like there is a baby growing in it but there isn’t” (more on that funny and embarrassing moment to come) I have decided I need to get out of the house to work out. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions – pt 1: how did 2012 fare?

hmmm... what will my resolutions be this year???

hmmm… what will my resolutions be this year???

Everyone seems to diss New Year’s Resolutions saying, “You make them to break them.”  Perhaps not everyone but there’s a hell of a lot of jokes by January 3rd asking folks if you’ve broken your resolutions yet.

Instead of following the path of naysayers, I’m a yeah-sayer, believing resolutions are a time to see what worked from the year before and what didn’t. It’s a time to set goals and a time to decide to change things that aren’t working for you. Continue reading

Things Davis Says… from the mouth of toddlers

CSC_0329Bedtime last night.

D: Every night you need to snuggle with me for a long, long, long time.
Mom: I’ll snuggle for a bit but I have to finishing cleaning the house and getting things done for Christmas.
D: Repeat after me… Every…
Mom: Every…
D: Night…
Mom: Night…
D: I will…
Mom: I will..
D: Snuggle a long time…
Mom: Snuggle a long time…
D: With Davis.
Mom: With Davis.

(yes, she pulled my repeat after me move. and she did it with a smile.)


DSC_0335Last night, bedtime, during the quiet game to keep her quiet.

D: (suddenly kisses Mom on the cheek, pauses) Are we allowed to kiss?
Mom: (melting inside) Yes, baby.
D: (kisses Mom again, on the lips) I love you every day and always. Even when you are not here and I am at preschool you are with me… in my heart.
Mom: (melts more, decides D will get her long, long, long snuggle.)

(I’m thinking I got my Christmas gift early with that one.)

This Is What Happens… when your 16-year old nephew babysits

a much younger nephew teaching a much younger davis about looney tunes babies

a much younger nephew teaching a much younger davis about looney tunes babies

My sister was amazed I was letting my 16-year old nephew babysit my 3-year old daughter. Perhaps even a little dumbfounded with shock. But I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Continue reading

Please Can You Find My Daddy… a plead from the mouth of Princess D

beautiful princess d, age 5 months

“I want my Daddy,” was the sad little cry that came from the mouth of my beautiful three-year old as I put her to bed.

At first this started as a toddler tactic. She was pulling out all stops to try and get me to let her stay up. Whereas other kids opt for the angry cry, Princess D has always been on the more dramatic side of things, the oh-poor-me-I’m-devestated tactic. Wounded and hurt, utilizing those big brown eyes as much as she can. Continue reading

Easter 2012… eggs, bunnies & epiphanies

Holidays, for me, are always a little tough. Firstly, because my mother is no longer with us. Secondly, because there is always one (or two) moments where I bemoan being a single parent. Not because you can be ridiculously busy. I’m fine with that. For me, the sadness comes from the loneliness that surrounds a single parent, from not having that other person to share the memory making moment with. Continue reading