A Question About Love… from one who’s jilted

thinking... always thinking

thinking… always thinking…

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about love. Feeling as if there is a chance I might be able to find it again with a partner as opposed to just having the unconditional love for Princess D and my Inherited Teen. Continue reading


Same same? or Different.

Will you be the same as the rest? 

Use me to get over your past

Then bail when mine threatens to bring tears. 

Leave me alone when times get tough. 

Or turn a blind eye when the help you’ve received

Is the help I need. 

Will you be the same as the rest? 

Or will you be the one that rises above? 

That breaks down the walls

So two broken hearts become healed.


Instantaneous Love … a reflection on passion


sssshhhhh… it’s a secret…

My problem is, and I’ve known this for a while, I fall in love instantly. With everyone from a friend to a love to a child to an animal. Heck, if that goat cheese salad is really good I will love that passionately from that moment on. If I was meant to love you in some way at all, then it hits me like a thunderbolt to the soul. Continue reading