From the Mouths of Toddlers… things princess d says

princess d likes to put on her own lipstick...

princess d likes to put on her own lipstick…

Time now for another edition of Things Princess D Says. Things that from the mouth of babes has just a wee bit more humour (and other things) than from the mouths of those further down the path of life.

In the bathroom…

Mommy: Oopps.. you just farted. Continue reading


Please Can You Find My Daddy… a plead from the mouth of Princess D

beautiful princess d, age 5 months

“I want my Daddy,” was the sad little cry that came from the mouth of my beautiful three-year old as I put her to bed.

At first this started as a toddler tactic. She was pulling out all stops to try and get me to let her stay up. Whereas other kids opt for the angry cry, Princess D has always been on the more dramatic side of things, the oh-poor-me-I’m-devestated tactic. Wounded and hurt, utilizing those big brown eyes as much as she can. Continue reading