Here’s My Heart Mommy … a heart melting moment

10985169_10152839770458370_6165458880174386302_nIt was one of those days I just wanted to get home and snuggle with my little Princess. I hadn’t seen her much because of extra hours at work to cover for an announcer who was on medical leave, and I had a list of things planned for us to do. Continue reading


The Power of Love Notes

love note far shotMonday was perfectly living up to it’s reputation.

Princess D missed her bus, so I lost 45 minutes of my morning driving her there. Inherited Teen wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t find a way to get her home, and spending time trying to figure that out made me late for work. And then there were a fair number of small, Monday style annoyances that happened making me wish I had never gotten out of bed. Continue reading

Why Seriously Single, Absolutely Attached?

This blog is something I’ve been thinking of (and working on) for quite a while now. And it has a multitude of purposes and a pluthera of reasons why I’m doing it.

It’s an outlet – to help me deal with some of the stresses that come about raising a child alone. Instead of a partner to complain to – this is that listening ear we all need at times.

It’s a journal of my successes and failures, lessons learned so that perhaps you can not make the same mistakes.

Most importantly, it’s a way of showing the world we can be single parents and amazing ones at that. The stereotypes of the one parent household and the troubled kids that come out of that environment need to be squashed somehow. Hopefully, this will be one of catalysts.

So thanks for checking out the Seriously Single, Absolutely Attached blog. Hopefully it made you smile… or nod your head in agreement.