Halloween… a reflection of the night that passed

oooohhhh… what should i be for halloween???

Halloween. That special time of year where kiddies get dressed up and go around asking people for treats. A holiday that’s all about giving kids unhealthy processed sugary snacks that wind them up and make them crash… crash hard.

So many fun things to do over many days. And this year, our Halloween went like this: Continue reading


Toddler, oh Toddler… why do you do me like you do?

Today was a good day. First day of spring, sun shining, warm wind and lots of work done. I rushed home and on my lunch break did yoga on my back patio with Hindu chants before doing more writing. Time came to get baby girl. Energy coursed through my veins and inside I felt a happy peace.

inside my brain i felt like this ...

I was calm. I was happy. Spring was here and it was great day.

Then I picked up lil’ princess from the babysitters. It took an hour for my brain to go… Continue reading